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Family School Liaison Workers

The purposes of our program are to:

  1. Provide support to students and families who may be experiencing difficulties
  2. To act as a resource and provide a liaison between families and the school system
  3. To provide outreach and resources for families requesting services within the community
  4. To develop or facilitate community education programs based on identified needs.

Please see our brochure in the documents section for more information.

Resource Links

Department Documents

Here are some online documents:

Janay Gregory


I.F. Cox, Jenner, St. RMAP

Phone: 403-548-1257

Email: janay.gregory@prrd.ab.ca

Carla Stern


Schuler, Seven Persons, Bow Island Elementary, St. Mikes (Bow Island)

Phone: 403-548-1686

Email: carla.stern@prrd.ab.ca

Jennifer Hynes


Margaret Wooding, Burdett

Phone: 403-548-0857

Email: elaine.terry@prrd.ab.ca

Tanya Ridgedale


Parkside, Ralston

Phone: 403-502-2126

Email: tanya.ridgedale@prrd.ab.ca

Allison Frey


Irvine, Foremost

Phone: 403-878-4493

Email: allison.frey@prrd.ab.ca

Marie Pedersen


Oyen Public, Warren Peers, South Central, Assumption

Phone: 403-664-0230

Email: marie.pedersen@prrd.ab.ca

Emma Wright


Eagle Butte, Senator Gershaw

Phone: 403-581-1818

Email: emma.wright@prrd.ab.ca


Diana Robson


Behaviour Consultant

Phone: 403-548-5695

Email: di.robson@prrd.ab.ca