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Remembrance Day Ceremonies - Public Welcome

Here is a list of Remembrance Day ceremonies taking place across Prairie Rose School Division.  The public is welcome to attend any of the school ceremonies on the list.

November 9 - 10:45am
Jenner School

November 9 - 11:15am
Eagle Butte High School

November 10 - 9:30am
Parkside School

November 10 - 10:20am
Ralston School

November 10 - 10:30am
Senator Gershaw School (BIE to join)
Burdett School
Margaret Wooding School
Seven Persons School
Warren Peers School
Foremost School
South Central High School

November 10 - 10:45 am
Irvine School
New Brigden School
Oyen Public School

November 10 - 1:30 pm
IFC School

November 10 - 2:30pm
Schuler School

RMAP School held their Remembrance Day ceremony on November 4th.