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Board Approves Budget and Education Plan

Board Highlights – November 29, 2016

  1. The board approved the 2015-2016 Annual Education Results Report and 2016-2019 Three-Year Education Plan.   The full document can be found on the Prairie Rose website: (Result Report and Education Plan and Two Page Summary).
  2. The board of trustees approved the 2015-2016 Audited Financial Statements The overall deficit for 2015-2016 is $487,680 compared to budget projections of $605,055, plus $350,000 for literacy.  Instruction, Plant Operations and Maintenance and System Administration came in under budgeted projections, while Transportation was $171,744 over budget.  Overall, the audit results indicate the division is in a solid financial position as defined by public sector accounting standards.  The full document can be found on the Prairie Rose website: (Audited Financial Statements).
  3. The board approved the 2016-2017 revised fall Budget.  The fall budget indicates a lower than expected deficit (compared to spring projections) from $799,763 to $602,364.  Increased student enrollment, lower than projected average teacher cost, and a one-time insurance exchange payout of $283,897, are contributing factors for the overall deficit decrease.  Additional spending has been allocated for PD and resources and a division wireless project.  Transportation is projected to post a large deficit budget of $402,295.  Board and System Administration is projected to spend 4.49% of total expenses, leaving $182,278 to be used in the Instruction budget. The province will be pulling back 10% of the Board and System Administration budget for a total of $276,000.  The full document can be found on the Prairie Rose website: (Updated Bugdet and Budget Summary).