Schuler happenings in September

Schuler happenings in September

September was a very busy month at Schuler School.  Students and staff both enjoyed settling into the new school.  It is a wonderful building meeting the needs of education today.  The gym is functional, the learning commons bright and user friendly and the classrooms spacious and beautiful.  In addition to the new school we are enjoying the new furniture and all the new technology (Chrome Books and Macs).

Volleyball teams were busy in the month of September with league games and tournament play.  The boys are playing hard and improving every game and will start to see their hard work pay off.  The girls are having tremendous success in league play with many wins already on the season.  In tournament play they have one bronze medal and a fourth place finish.  The remainder of the season looks very bright for the girls team.

Grade 9 students are settling into the new VC room at the school and the increased speed and intensity of grade 9 VC classes.  In addition, they have already attended the PARTY program where they discovered the consequences of making poor life choices. 

Career and Technology (CTF) classes continue again this year for students at the Medicine Hat College.  The students are currently building a stool in carpentry classes and will continue this class until October 16.  Students will then participate in 5 welding classes, 5 plumbing classes and finish the year with 5 more carpentry classess.  Watch for updates on our progress. 

We are extremely excited to announce our enrollment is up with the addition of 10 new students to Schuler School.  New students are always exciting in a small school.

The University of Lethbridge PD in literacy instruction has kicked off with a great start in September with our teachers.  This is a unique project where teachers are going to work elbow to elbow with literacy professors.  The result will be increased capacity in the building in the area of literacy and improved instruction at all levels.  The PD will happen twice a month from September-April.

The students, staff and community are in full swing working on the outdoor classroom space with Mrs. Melissa Gogolinski.  She has completed one session of collaboration with staff and community and one session with the junior high students.  Watch for upcoming dates of her next visit.  It is very exciting to see which curricular outcomes can best be meet through outdoor spaces.