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Highway 41 Closure - Wildfire

Prairie Rose School Division has been informed that a wildfire burning in the Hilda/Burstall area may result in the closure of highway 41 which will affect travel for some students coming home from Schuler and Eagle Butte High School this afternoon. 

School bus route 104 northwest of Hilda to Schuler and 103 northwest of Hilda to Schuler will not be running this afternoon.  Parents will need to find alternate means of picking up their children from school.  Students will be kept at the school and parents may call the school to make arrangements.  We will make every effort to deliver students on bus routes 105 northeast of Schuler to Schuler and 109 southwest of Schuler to Schuler and the high school.  Should the driver consider it unsafe to travel in some areas, students will be returned to Schuler School for parent pick up.  Students traveling on bus route 120 from Eagle Butte will be brought to Schuler School for pick up.  If it is possible for the transfer bus to continue, then students will proceed to their feeder bus.  Eagle Butte students who cannot be taken home will remain at Schuler School.  If you have any questions please contact the school.