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Kal Koch

Administrators - Deputy Superintendent

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403-527-5516 Ext.2314
About Me

I have been part of the Prairie Rose team for 23 years as a Teacher and School Administrator at Irvine School, Eagle Butte High School, Ralston School and IF Cox School. I am currently in my second year at central officeand my main duties include:

• Division Human Resources Officer

• Recruitment, screening, hiring, training, evaluation and assigning of staff

• Principal and teacher evaluations

• Coordinate teacher and educational assistant induction programs

• Administer the provincial achievement and diploma testing program and analyze results

• Supervise the educational program of all Hutterite Schools in the Division

• Administer and coordinate school reviews

• Coordinate videoconferencing programs offered both within and outside of the Division

• Support learning for students and staff based on the Inspiring Education framework.

 I believe that PRSD does an excellent job of educating our youth and I value working with our school staffs to support this important work.  Thank you for visiting our PRSD website.

I can be reached by phone (403-527-5516 ext 2314) or email (kal.koch@prrd.ab.ca)