Redcliff Schools

IF Cox School

Grades: K-3

Redcliff, AB

Phone: 403-548-3449

Margaret Wooding School

Grades: 4-6

Redcliff, AB

Phone: 403-548-7516

Parkside Jr. High School

Grades: 7-9

Redcliff, AB

Phone: 403-548-3951

Eagle Butte High School

Grades: 10-12

Dunmore, AB

Phone: 403-528-1996

Other Programming

RMAP School

Grades: K-12

Redcliff, AB

Phone: 403-581-0583

Evening Program Available
The Redcliff Mennonite Alternative School (RMAP) is an outreach school that specializes in K-9 education for English as a second language German speaking learners. The school offers both a traditional daytime education programming and evening courses for students who require a more flexible education option.