Back to School Information Guide 2020-2021

Back to School Information Guide 2020-2021

On July 21, 2020, the provincial government along with Alberta's Chief Medical Officer of Health announced that school will resume in the fall under 'near normal' conditions. This is great news for our schools and communities and we are excited to welcome our students back on August 31st for the new year.  The government's announcement can be found on the Government of Alberta website. 

We will be reviewing the revised guidelines for schools and be updating our June Draft Re-Entry Plan based on the new information. Our June 2020 draft school re-entry plan can be found here: 2020-2021 School Re-Entry Plan (Updated - August 10, 2020)

Prairie Rose School Division is preparing to return to school and follow the 2020-2021 school calendar as previously approved by the board last January.  2020-2021 School Calendar

If your child is new to Prairie Rose School Division and has not yet registered for the fall, please use either the paper registration form or the online form found below:
1.  2020-2021 Online Registration Form (have your child's birth certificate and any legal documents ready)
2.  2020-2021 Prairie Rose Printable Registration Form (print and fill out by hand) **Forms can be dropped off at 918 2nd Ave, Dunmore, AB or emailed to the school email address found at the bottom of your school's website.

School Supplies for 2020-2021

In addition to purchasing school supplies parents may be asked to pay fees to support additional programming needs (as determined by their school) as well as a new $30 technology fee for students in grades 4-12. The $30 fee supports a move to one-to-one technology devices with each grade 4-12 student being issued a Chromebook at the beginning of the year that can be transported to and from school. The annual user fee allows the division to ensure that each child has their own device at school and at home (this will also ease the transition should COVID-19 result in a return to at home learning), provides teachers with an instructional tool that is consistent across the school division, and includes routine maintenance and replacement. If you have any questions or concerns about the $30 fee structure associated with Chromebook implementation, please click here: Technology Fee Feedback Form

Bow Island Elementary School School Supplies List
Burdett School School Supplies List
Eagle Butte High School Students are asked to purchase basic school supplies based on preference
Foremost School School Supply List
I.F. Cox School School Supply List
Irvine School School Supply List
Jenner School School Supply List
Margaret Wooding School School Supply List
New Brigden School School Supply List
Oyen Public School School Supply List
Parkside School School Supply List
Ralston School School supplies are provided by the school
Prairie Mennonite Alternative School School Supply List
Schuler School School Supply List   Division 1 supplies will be purchased by teacher
Senator Gershaw School School Supply List
Seven Persons School School Supply List
South Central High School School Supply List
Warren Peers School School Supply List