Cliff Canter Run - ATA Local 2

Cliff Canter Run - ATA Local 2

The Cliff Canter Run was born out of a dream to end the stigma of mental illness. As a community we need to stand together and say “It’s OK to struggle!” There is a need to put a positive spin on this matter.  

Last year, the run raised $1,200 for Alberta Mental Health. This year’s theme is “Ready, Set, Glow” and it is taking place on Saturday, October 15th at the Redcliff River Valley at 6:00pm. 

The ATA Local 2 would like to express a big thanks to our partners: DREAMS, MyPlace, Sonya Brown from AHS, District Bar and Grill, and the Canalta Center.

Through this event we hope to challenge the myths about mental illness through education and take a stand to give others a voice. Not everyone is personally affected by a mental illness, but all people are affected by mental health. We hope to promote healthy living by providing available resources and agencies that help people feel connected and learn how to be resilient during tough times. 

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