Know the Drill... Be Prepared

Know the Drill... Be Prepared

May/June Activities - Year in Review

Throughout the school year, Prairie Rose School Division has asked parents and community members to learn and test their knowledge on the four main emergency protocols used as part of the Hour-Zero School Emergency Program.  

It's now time to put your new found knowledge to work and take the Year in Review quiz. Remember to enter your email address to be entered into our final grand prize draw.

1.  Year in Review Information Guide - Click here to review the protocols
2.  Year in Review Quiz - NOW OPEN

April/May Activities - Student Release Procedure

When an emergency occurs it is the school's responsibility to keep students safe.  Part of that role includes ensuring students are released to the appropriate parent/guardian once the emergency is over.  Prairie Rose School Division has a comprehensive process for making sure students are released into the appropriate care. 

1.  Student Release protocol information guide
2.  Take the Quiz - Test your Student Release protocol knowledge - Closed

March Activities - Evacuation

Evacuation is the emergency protocol that parents are probably most familiar with.  Evacuation drills are practiced regularly at school so that students and staff are well practiced in exiting the school quickly.  While most parents associate evacuation with the old school fire drill, there are other reasons a school may choose to evacuate the school.

1.  Evacuation protocol information guide
2.  Take the Quiz - Test your Evacuation protocol knowledge - Quiz CLOSED

February Activities - Shelter in Place

The prairies are known for quick sporadic storms that move in without much notice.  When storms pass through, schools often make the decision to keep students indoors and out of the storm, or delay sending students onto school buses until the storm has passed.  When this decision is made, the Shelter in Place protocol is activated.  In many ways the Shelter in Place functions similarly to a Hold and Secure, however this protocol is specifically related to environmental situations.

1.  Shelter in Place protocol information guide
2.  Take the Quiz - Test your Shelter in Place protocol knowledge - Contest Closed

January Activities - Hold and Secure

Throughout the school year there may be times when a school restricts access to the building as a precautionary measure.  This is would occur when there is a possible threat identified in the area that in not directly linked to the school itself.  Hold and Secure is the term used to indicate that the school is still operating as normal, but access in and out of the school is minimal and carefully monitored.  It is important that parents understand the difference between Hold and Secure and Lock Down, as they are the two most commonly misused protocols by the media and public.  Please take a moment to read about the Hold and Secure protocol and then take the short quiz to test your knowledge.

1.  Hold and Secure emergency protocol information guide
2.  Take the Quiz - Test your Hold and Secure protocol knowledge - Contest Closed

December Activities 

1.  Lock-Down emergency protocol information guide
2.  Take the Quiz - Test your Lock-Down protocol knowledge - Prize Draw is Closed

November 15, 2016 - Campaign Outline Survey Winners Drawn (winners have been notified via email)
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October 2016 Campaign Outline
1.  How much do you know about Prairie Rose's current emergency preparedness program? CLICK HERE.