Cold/Inclement Weather

Cold/Inclement Weather

With temperatures dipping well below -20 Prairie Rose School Division is urging parents to ensure their children are dressed appropriately for the weather conditions.  Even if the school calls an “inside” recess and lunch day, students should be dressed accordingly so they can stay warm in the event their bus breaks down on the way to and from school.

Students should be coming to school each day dressed with the following items:

  • Warm winter coat (good for -20 and colder)
  • Snow pants
  • Toque or hat (make sure ears are covered)
  • Mittens/gloves
  • Winter boots (good for -20 and colder)

While it is rare that a school will be closed due to extreme cold weather (below -40 at 6am), it isn’t uncommon for school buses not to run as a result of poor weather conditions.  The decision for a bus to operate is at the discretion of the school bus driver.  Should a route be cancelled, parents will be notified via phone, text and email using the division’s School Messenger program.  The impacted route will also be listed on the website and school/division social media pages.  (In the event a school needs to be closed, the same process will be followed.)  If a school bus does not operate, parents may choose to drive their child to school if they believe it is safe to do so.

Please be sure to let your school know if your contact information changes during the school year as this will impact our ability to contact you on inclement weather days.

To learn  more about the division’s Inclement Weather policy visit