13 Reasons Why - Parent Information Session

13 Reasons Why - Parent Information Session

New Information - May 25, 2017

Parents are invited to attend an information session on June 28th at 6:30 pm at the Medicine Hat Public Library to learn more about how to talk to your children about suicide in response to the current series 13 Reasons Why.  A Facebook event has been created with more information related to the event.  It can be found by clicking here: MH Library FB Event.

Previous Information - May 5, 2017

Parents are asked to read the attached joint letter from Prairie Rose School Division, Medicine Hat Catholic Board of Education and Medicine Hat Public School Division regarding a new NetFlix series that brings to light concerns around suicide and bullying.

Click here to read the letter: http://prrdweb.com/documents/general/Tri District Letter re 13 Reasons Why.pdf
Click here for more "need to know" information regarding the 13 Reasons series: http://prrdweb.com/documents/general/13 Reasons Follow Up.pdf