Redcliff Scholarship Recipients

Redcliff Scholarship Recipients

Redcliff 2017 Scholarship Awards
Graduates from Eagle Butte and Medicine Hat High School awarded 2017 scholarships

Redcliff, AB – The Redcliff Scholarship Committee for Advanced Education, is pleased to announce that Eagle Butte High School graduate Ashley Bradbury and Medicine Hat High School graduate Daniel Kilpatrick are the 2017 Redcliff Scholarship recipients.  Bradbury has enrolled in the University of Lethbridge for the fall to pursue first a Bachelor of Psychology before moving onto law school in Calgary, while Kilpatrick is enrolled at the Medicine Hat College with plans to transfer to the University of Lethbridge to complete both a Bachelor of Education and Bachelor of Science degrees.

“Both this year’s award recipients are extremely focused with very specific goals for their futures,” says Redcliff trustee and scholarship chairperson Arnold Frank.  “I wish them tremendous success as they move forward in obtaining the education needed to set them up for rewarding and long-lasting careers.”

The two 2016 Redcliff Scholarships are for $5,000 each towards tuition costs for post-secondary studies.

The Redcliff scholarships were established in 2002, and have been awarded to 30 Redcliff students.  The awards are possible thanks to two endowed scholarship funds which were established and are being sustained by ongoing contributions of Redcliff organizations and present and past Redcliff citizens.