Nomination Day Results

Nomination Day Results

The following wards are acclaimed:
Incumbent candidates are noted by (I)

Ward 1:  Oyen, New Brigden, Acadia Valley, Bindloss, Cereal and area (2 vacancies)
Lois Bedwell (I) and Lucille Hertz (I)

Ward 2:  Dunmore, Irvine, Schuler and area (1 vacancy)
Cathy Hogg (I)

Ward 3:  Seven Persons and area (1 vacancy)
Graeme Dennis (I)

Ward 5:  Bow Island, Burdett and area (1 vacancy)
Stuart Angle (I)

Ward 6: Foremost, Manyberries and area (1 vacancy)
Stacy Hammel

Elections will be held in the following:

Ward 4:  Redcliff, Ralston, Jenner and area (2 vacancies)
Arnold Frank (I), Pam Cursons (I), Meredith Conboy