UPDATE: Warren Peers and Schuler schools

UPDATE: Warren Peers and Schuler schools

The past few days have been incredibly difficult for many of our students, parents and staff as there has been a lot of unknowns and uncertainty because of the fires.  The division understands that the full extend of the physical and emotional damage won’t be known for some time, and that the tragedy has hit some harder than others. 

Saying that, Prairie Rose School Division will open schools in both Acadia Valley and Schuler on Thursday, October 19th.  School buses will also be running, where possible. Division senior administration has been in touch with our school principals and will have supports in place for students, staff and parents who require them.  Our goal is to provide a safe atmosphere for our students and attempt to provide a sense of normalcy. 

If, as a parent, you feel that your family requires more time please contact the school and let them know. 

If we are informed of any changes to the current situation, we will keep you updated. 

Our thoughts are with our families and staff at this time.