Board Meeting Highlights - Nov 2017

Board Meeting Highlights - Nov 2017

1.  Principal Scott Angle and teacher Cory Schiebelbein from Senator Gershaw School presented on two school program initiatives; including the annual History on the Prairies and the BIAP (Bow Island Alternative Program) evening program.  History on the Prairies focuses on prairie history and the connection of the region to the local indigenous peoples.  BIAP is an alternative education program that allows students to continue their education outside of conventional school hours.   It was shared that BIAP has added a new daytime format.  The program provides students with flexibility so they can complete high school, access dual credit opportunities and take courses on their own schedule.  The BIAP evening and daytime program currently has 37 students enrolled for the 2017-18 school year.

2.  The annual Student Services Accountability Report was presented as information.  The district’s FSLW program, the Mental Health Capacity Building projects (DREAMS/REAL), Regional Collaborative Services Delivery, the Learning Support Team and Program Unit Funding (PUF) for kids aged 2-6 was highlighted.  It was noted that staffing recruitment continues to be a challenge in rural and remote communities to fill specialized employment positions.

3.  The annual Student Results Report was presented as information.  Highlights of the report include an overview of the PAT (Provincial Achievement Test) and Diploma exam results from the spring.  It was shared that in PAT testing, the division improved in 2/16 categories at the grade 6 level and in 14/20 categories at the grade 9 level.  Diploma results improved in 17/20 categories from 2016 to 2017.

4.  The board approved the name of a new Hutterite school, opening in the 2017-18 school year near Acadia Valley.  The name Meridian Colony School was passed.

5.  The board approved revised EL #11 – Attendance Area Boundaries to reflect changes to the New Bridgen and Oyen attendance areas and EL#12 2017-8 School Year Calendar to correct inaccurate calendar dates.

6.  The Board approved a field trip request from the Eagle Butte High School cross-country run team for a trip to San Diego and Los Angeles from March 29, 2018 to April 4, 2018.  The trip will include participating in two competitive 5km runs, and tours of San Diego Zoo, Catalina Island and Disneyland.  Between 20-35 athletes will participate in the trip.