Board Highlights - January 9, 2018

Board Highlights - January 9, 2018

1.  Foremost School principal Simon Moreton and vice-principal Jay Diemert gave a presentation to the board outlining the successful projects, initiatives and programs taking place at Foremost School over the past few years.  New principal Simon Moreton also spoke about some of the recent and upcoming initiatives planned including; the reimplementation of Chemistry and Biology labs at the school, improved school communication through the creation a parent/student handbook, the introduction of a robotics program focused on use in agriculture, cross-curricular grading for English studies, and the development of an outdoor classroom.

2.  The board received a first quarter financial update.  To date the division is expecting revenues to come in $10,000 less than budgeted, and expenses to come in on budget.  Overall, the deficit for the 2017-18 school year is projected to be $764,777.

3.  The annual Building Operations Accountability Report was presented to the board for information.  The report includes an overview of the budget, the IMR work completed during the 2017-18 year and planning for the 2018-19 school year, opportunities for professional development for maintenance staff so more work can be completed in-house, and an overview of completed and upcoming Capital Projects.  It was shared that during the 2016-17 school year 2,600 maintenance work orders were completed by the Maintenance Department.

4.  The board approved a motion to allow administration to make changes to the previously approved 2018-19 School Year Calendar.  The revisions would include changes to the Family Day week to accommodate the provincial Memorandum of Agreement (that allows for a maximum of 1,200 assignable hours), provide two-day technical professional development for staff prior to school start up, and allow for additional input from School Leaders around the current placement of SI and DI days.  Any changes to the calendar would still meet the previously approved 198 operational days approved in the current version of the calendar and maintain the student start date after the Labour Day long-weekend.

5.  The board passed a motion directing senior administration to begin the budget planning process for 2018-19 with a goal of achieving a budget that is balanced.  Superintendent Roger Clarke shared that he will begin by initiating discussions with the various stakeholder groups to gather input on how best to improve Prairie Rose’s current financial position.