Prairie Rose Teacher Honoured with Queen’s Award

Prairie Rose Teacher Honoured with Queen’s Award

Prairie Rose School Division would like to extend congratulations Ralston School teacher Sonia Stanton, who will be receiving the Queen’s British Empire Medal in recognition of her services to service children’s education in Canada.

Stanton has been working in Prairie Rose School Division for the past 11 years as the British liaison at Ralston School.  In addition to her role as kindergarten teacher, Stanton provides supports to British military families who work at BATUS (British Army Training Unit Suffield), and ensures students and families are comfortable with the transition to Canada and to a new education system.  Ralston and the local area is one of very few locations in the world where a large proportion of service families use local education provisions.

“What a great honour,” says Stanton. “It is lovely that others have recognized my work and I am excited to share the award with my colleagues at Ralston School, who also do a fantastic job at supporting all our students including both British and Canadian Service children.”

Stanton’s name was submitted to the New Year 2018 Honours List by the Secretary of State for Foreign and Commonwealth Affairs and the award was announced in late December 2017.  She will receive the presentation locally (date to be determined) and has been invited to Buckingham Palace to attend a garden party with Her Majesty the Queen.

The full media release can be viewed here: Priarie Rose Teacher Honoured with Queen's Award