RMAP School Celebrates First Graduates

RMAP School Celebrates First Graduates

RMAP School Congratulates First Graduates

Mennonite school achieves milestone as two students receive high school diplomas

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Redcliff, AB – On Saturday, March 3, 2018, Elena Wall and Isaak Wiens will graduate from Prairie Rose's newest school, The Redcliff Mennonite Alternative Program Outreach (RMAP) School.  Both students will be the first graduates to come out of the Mennonite School that first opened its doors in 2013. 

“Having two graduates this year is a huge accomplishment for the school and the students,” says Principal Tracy Frank.  “We are very proud of Elena and Isaak who both graduate with honours while juggling full-time jobs.”

For most Mennonite students, achieving a high school diploma is a huge accomplishment, as traditionally students leave school early to work and help support their family.  Elena Wall was able to attend the day school program until grade 11 before switching to night school programming so she could work, while Isaak completed almost his entire schooling through the night school program while working full-time.

“I have worked long and hard to receive my high school diploma,” says Wiens. “I am thankful to have a school like RMAP available to keep me focused and motivated along my journey.”

“I am proud to be the very first female graduate of RMAP School,” says Wall.  “I look forward to continuing my education in child care.”

The school is having a graduation ceremony for the graduates this Saturday, March 3rd at 7:30 PM.