Board Highlights - June 12, 2018

Board Highlights - June 12, 2018

1.  Linda Kraft presented to the board about a new Rodeo Club at Irvine School.  The club met in the evenings, for four Thursdays, in the months of May and June.  The club has received a $5,000 grant to help support the program.  The program consists of a rodeo/gymkhana component and lessons are taught by professional riding experts.  Students must have their own horse and riding gear.  There has been a lot of interest in the program with 29 students signed up for the first year of the club.  A public event is planned to showcase the program to the community and school on June 14th at 1:00 PM at the Irvine rodeo grounds.

2.  The spring Accountability Pillar was presented for information.  The pillar results highlight parent feedback from the Accountability Survey (completed in the spring), and results from the January diploma exams.  Overall, Prairie Rose scored Very High or High in 11 of the 16 categories, including Safe and Caring, Program of Studies, Education Quality, Citizenship, Parental Involvement, School Improvement, High School Completion Rates, Transition Rates, Diploma Acceptable, Drop Out and Work Prep.  It was mentiond that the Diploma Participation Rate dropped significantly.  A review of all school high school pillar results will be conducted to determine the reason, however it was suggested that an increase in outreach students would affect the result, as most aren’t taking four or more diploma exams.

3.  The Occupational Health and Safety Coordinator’s Report was provided for information.  Highlights during the 2017-18 year include participation in the AHS ARTSSN infectious disease tracking program, an overview of general safety and fire inspections, and a review of school emergency response planning/training.  A review of the school/division custodial services was also shared.  It was noted that attracting qualified custodial staffing and dealing with school snow removal are ongoing challenges.

4.  Other sharing items:

  • The board approved an amendment to the proposed completion date for the Eagle Butte High School Modernization project to July 2019.
  • IF Cox School will be offering full-day every day kindergarten in Redcliff in the 2018-19 school year.  The school plans to offer two full-day classes and one half-day option.  The cost to attend the full-day program is $100/per month.
  • Three Redcliff scholarship recipients have been chosen for the 2018 year.  Each successful applicant will receive a scholarship for $5,000 towards their first year of post-secondary.  A media release will be sent in the upcoming week to announce the winners.