Board Highlights - Sept 11, 2018

Board Highlights - Sept 11, 2018

Board Highlights – September 11, 2018

1.  At the board’s annual Organizational Meeting, Stuart Angle went unopposed to remain chair of the Prairie Rose School Division board of trustees, while Graeme Dennis was acclaimed as the new vice-chair.  Other nominations included; Arnold Frank and Stuart Angle as Alberta School Boards Association zone reps, Pam Cursons and Lois Bedwell as Public School Boards Association reps, and Stuart Angle as the boards representative for both provincial TEBA negotiating and the Alberta Rural Caucus Committee.

2.  Deputy Superintendent Kal Koch presented the annual Human Resources Staffing Report for information.  Since the spring, Prairie Rose has filled 5 probationary FTE (full-time equivalent) teaching positions and 8.5 FTE temporary teaching positions for the 2018-19 school year.  Additionally, the division has filled 10 school-based support staff positions and continues to hire additional EA support for the current year.  Three health and wellness positions have also been advertised and are in the process of being filled.

3.  Communications and FOIP Coordinator Angela Baron provided the Communications and FOIP Accountability Report to the board as information.  Highlights of the report include an overview of social media use and metrics across the division, a summary of the various communication strategies used to engage stakeholders, updates on previously implemented communication software programs, a FOIP statistics overview and a list of future communications and FOIP strategies planned for the upcoming year.  An overview of the newly redesigned school websites was shared along with various statistics related to social media engagement and reach.

4.  The board voted to approve the Superintendent Evaluation report for Roger Clarke for the period August 14, 2017 – June 25, 2018.  The evaluation was conducted by an external third party in the spring and was presented to the board for review at an evaluation workshop held on June 26, 2018.