Board Highlights - October 10, 2018

Board Highlights - October 10, 2018


1.  The board was presented with the 4th Quarter Financial Results.  Overall, the division’s financial spending for the 2017-18 fiscal year (ending August 31, 2018) is $51,025,717, with an estimated deficit of $178,791, compared to the originally projected deficit of $754,777.  Suggested reasons for the reduced deficit include; not spending the entire amount of ALARIE funds (one-time insurance exchange equity payout), changes to technology spending (lease of Chrome Books versus purchasing new computers) and support staff benefits coming in under budget.

2.  An enrolment update for the 2018-19 school year was shared as information.  In grades K-12, enrolment came in 21.5 FTE under projected, with an overall reduction of 86.5 FTE students compared to the 2017-18 school year.  It was shared that underage PUF and JK student numbers came in above projected (equivalent to 15 FTE students).  With the additional FTE at the PUF/JK levels, the total ‘financial’ FTE reduction for the year amounts to 6.5 FTE or $62,400.

3.  The board received the Transportation Accountability Report as information.  Highlights of the report include a reduction of six bus routes to accommodate lower student enrolment, an overview of bus ride times (ranging from 32 minutes to 109 minutes one way), information regarding other transportation needs in the division (CTF, equestrian program, hockey academy), and the annual transportation budget.  It was also announced that Prairie Rose would be participating in the annual provincial Bus Safety Poster Contest.  The theme for the 2018-19 school year is Bully Free Zone.

4.  A motion, put forward by trustee Lucille Hertz to extend the New Brigden attendance area west on Township Road 304 to the Prairie Rose/Prairieland boundary, was defeated by a tied vote.

5.  The board voted in favour of a motion to change the 2018-19 School Year Calendar, and give staff an additional holiday day in-lieu of Remembrance Day.  November 12, 2018 was originally recorded as a working School Improvement (SI) Day.