2018 PRSD Bus Safety Poster Contest Winners

2018 PRSD Bus Safety Poster Contest Winners


Congratulations to all Prairie Rose SD bus poster safety contest winners. Great job with promoting safe and bully-free spaces on the school bus. Good luck to all the PRSD students in the provincial competition.

1st place: Nicole Waldner / Jenner School
2nd place: Jade Howe / Jenner School
3rd place: Nicole Jacques / Jenner School

Grade 1
1st place: Quade Tye / New Brigden School
2nd place: Alaina Hagens / New Brigden School
3rd place: Nancy Lowen / RMAP School

Grade 2
1st place: David Wall / RMAP School
2nd place: Zakery Hansen / Seven Persons School
3rd place: Kate Murray / Seven Persons School

Grade 3
1st place: Sara Fehr /  New Brigden School
2nd place: Sophie Hanna / Seven Persons School
3rd place : Maddy Ziegenhagel / Seven Persons School

Grade 4
1st place: Jersey Girletz / Oyen Public School
2nd place: David Huang / Oyen Public School
3rd place: Adina Wall / RMAP School

Grade 5                     
1st place: Rayna Gruninger / Senator Gershaw School
2nd place: Charlie Funk / Irvine School  
3rd place: Jason Fehr / New Brigden School

Grade 6
1st place: Tina Fiesen / RMAP School
2nd place: Adriaan Bouwe / Warren Peers School
3rd place: Justina Friessen / RMAP School