November 6, 2018 Board Meeting Highlights

November 6, 2018 Board Meeting Highlights


1.  Christie Wilson and Jennifer Kerslake from the Medicine Hat College’s Entrepreneurial Development Centre shared progress on a new partnership between PRSD and the College, designed to build entrepreneurial skills in high school students.  The pilot project consists of a visit from the College at each of the four PRSD schools during the week to educate and assist students with the development of a business model.  The goal of the program is to get the four PRSD schools to agree on a plan and open an operational business.  Currently 73 Prairie Rose students are participating in the Entrepreneurial Program.

2.  The spring Provincial Testing Achievement and Diploma results were presented as information.  PAT results show that PRSD scored higher than the province in 16 of 18 categories in the enrolled category and 11 of 18 in the writing category.  Overall, PRSD PAT results improved from 2017 in 31 of 36 categories.  Diploma results show that PRSD improved in 10 of 20 categories compared to 2016/2017.  The acceptable standard was achieved in 9 of 10 categories, while the standard of excellence exceeded the province in 4 of 19 categories.

3.  The 2017-18 Accountability Pillar was presented as information.  Overall, Prairie Rose scored High or Very High in 14 of 15 measures.

4.  Director of Inclusion Services Camille Quinton presented the Student Services Accountability Report for information.  Highlights of the report include an overview of the RCSD (Regional Collaborative Services Delivery) funding model, FSLW, DREAMS and REAL program successes and changes, Occupational Therapy, Speech and Language, Behaviour and Psychologist roles in Prairie Rose and additional training taking place to better service students.  Other successful programing notes include creating contacts and relationships with off campus PUF students and Connect parent group training by the FSLW’s.

5.  Members from the Public School Boards Association made a presentation to the board outlining the recently announced Together for Students Campaign.  The focus of the campaign is to start the public conversation about education spending in Alberta and what could be achieved by moving to one unified education system.