Accountability Pillar Survey

Accountability Pillar Survey

We want to hear from you…

In coming weeks parents will be invited to participate in an Accountability Pillar Survey to share feedback about the quality of education and overall learning environment of their child’s school.  The Accountability Pillar is part of the annual school reporting process and measures 16 ways a school/division is doing in the areas of education quality, student outcomes (such as dropout and high school completion rates), and provincial assessments of student learning.

Update:  Deadline to participate online has been extended to March 8, 2019 and mail in surveys to February 22, 2019

There are three ways you can choose to participate in the survey;

  • The paper copy sent to your home.  You complete the survey and return it in a sealed postage-paid envelope.
  • Online.  Your paper copy will include instructions.
  • At an event your school may choose to host.  Schools will notify parents if an event is taking place.

Link to an example of what the Parent Accountability Pillar Survey could look like:

Please be aware that any questions answered with “Don’t know” indicates that the respondent feels the question is applicable, but they don’t know the answer.  This also means the question counts towards the total number of responses received and can negatively impact the overall result.  We ask that if you aren’t sure about a particular question to ask your principal or teacher for clarification, or leave it blank (as this will not skew the results negatively).

Here is the current division-wide Accountability Pillar results. 

You will notice that under the second column the 16 different categories are listed.  The results in the categories of Safe and Caring Schools, Students Learning Opportunities, Preparation for Lifelong Learning, World of Work and Citizenship, Parental Involvement and Continuous Improvement all come from the survey results.  Please ask your school if you have questions about the different categories, or how schools are instructing students in these areas.

We encourage all of our parents who receive the survey to participate.  It is important that we hear from you to get a better understanding of the things we are doing well, and the areas for improvement.  If you have any questions please don’t hesitate to ask your school principal.