Board Meeting Highlights - Feb 12, 2019

Board Meeting Highlights - Feb 12, 2019

1.  Burdett School principal Laurie Cooper and vice-principal Amber Pinchin spoke about the school’s education plan and goals for Deeper Learning and Literacy.  For Deeper Learning, teachers are participating in self-reflection videos, working with the instructional coaches, and learning about the tuning protocols (as shared in the PD Packs). In literacy, the focus is on disciplinary and balanced literacy using strategies such as Word Walls, vocabulary journals, on-demand writing projects, and guided reading.  An overview of the Deeper Learning in Writing project was shared.  The project uses rubrics (narrative, opinion and informational) created by teachers from Burdett, Foremost and SGS.  Examples of student work was passed around to show how a student progresses and improves over the course of the year.

2.  Assistant Superintendent Reagan Weeks provided an update to board on the work done in the first half of the school year aimed at targeting the strategies in the Three-Year Education Plan around Deeper Learning.  One strategy included the development of PD packs that demonstrate and introduce teaching strategies to meet instructional goals.  Additionally, teachers have been asked to choose from three evaluation options including self-reflection videos, school teaching tours with PRSD Instructional Coaches and internal school observations.  It was shared that at the March PD day, schools will come together and small groups will present a Deeper Learning protocol they’ve used to their fellow teachers.  It was also shared that the executive team is doing regular tours at each school to have conversations about the work being done towards achieving the Deeper Learning goal.

3.  The board approved the 2019-2020 School Year Calendar.  The calendar includes a start date after Labour Day, 183 Instructional days, and 197 Operational days.  It was noted that a second version of the calendar has been created, specifically for Eagle Butte, to accommodate students who write the Science 30 exam at the end of the first semester.  Should Eagle Butte choose not to run the Science 30 class in the first semester, then the school will be asked to use the same division-wide calendar.  The calendars can be found online

4.  The board approved the purchase of memberships for all PRSD School Councils to join the Alberta School Councils Association.  The division will reimburse the schools who have already paid for their membership fees.  It was noted that there are several benefits to membership, including free ASCA services and the ability to vote in person, or by proxy, during the spring annual general meeting.  It is estimated the cost for all schools is approximately $1,000/year.

5.  The board approved a borrowing resolution with ATB for a $750,000 line of credit.  Secretary Treasurer Ryan Boser explained that the resolution is required on an annual basis so the division could still meet operating expenses, if it were necessary.  Prairie Rose has never needed to access funds from the line of credit in previous years.