Board Meeting Highlights - March 2019

Board Meeting Highlights - March 2019

1.  The board voted in favour of proceeding with the transfer of land and building of the old Ecole St. Thomas d’Aquin School from the Medicine Hat Catholic Board of Education to Prairie Rose for use by the Redcliff Mennonite Program.  The former St. Thomas School facility in Medicine Hat will provide more space for students and staff.  The transfer will cost $1 with the intention that PRSD will return the school when no longer needed (or at the end of a 10-year agreement), in the same state of repair.  A budget of $60,000 has been set aside for technology, maintenance and busing costs to get the school operational.  The approval process requires Medicine Hat Catholic Board of Education to declare the building in excess of their needs at their March 12, 2019 Board Meeting (Update: The item was approved).  MHCBE will then need to send a request to the Deputy Minister of Education for approval of disposition.  The goal is to have the process completed and students moved into the building after the Easter break.

2.  The board voted in favour of moving the New Brigden attendance area boundary west on Township Road 304 to the Prairieland/Prairie Rose boundary.  The board also approved the grandfathering of students who currently reside in the area (Oyen attendance area) to continue to attend Oyen Public School, or be given the option of attending New Brigden School.

3.  The board defeated a motion to increase the grade configuration of New Brigden School from grade 5 to grade 6 for the 2019-2020 school year.

4.  The board approved the 2019 – 2021 Capital Plan.  Burdett School will remain the top capital priority, followed by a new middle school in Redcliff and modernization of Parkside School for the Redcliff Mennonite Alternative Program, a modernization of South Central High School and the right-sizing of Foremost School.  Some feedback from Alberta Education was shared regarding the detail of the plan and what is taken into consideration when projects are approved by capital planning.

5.  The board approved the change in completion date for the Eagle Butte modernization project from July 31, 2019 to December 30, 2019.

6.  Assistant Superintendent Reagan Weeks presented the Interim Diploma Exam report as information.  The results are from the January diploma exam-writing period.  It was shared that the diploma results are excellent in all areas, including at the standard of excellence level, coming in above the provincial average in 17 of 18 areas.  Of particular mention was the English 30-1 results, where the PRSD standard of excellence exceeded the provincial average by 31.4%.  Literacy and Deeper Learning strategies were recognized as factors for the high testing results.

7.  Director of Technology Wayne Rossler provided the Technology Accountability Report for information.  Highlights of the report include; an average 4.82 computers to every one student, a 2.30 to one Chrome Book to student ratio, the removal of all school fax machines across the district, and the spending of $405,468 on centrally purchased software, internet services and the Supernet.  Completed projects for the year include VLAN upgrades, upgrades to the wireless network, server replacement, and the hosting of Google Summit last August.  Continued work includes the replacement of Polycom VC equipment, the rolling out of Windows 10 across the school division, and developing a digital plan for storing student CUM file records.