Karen Reimer - 2019 PRSD Edwin Parr Nominee

Karen Reimer - 2019 PRSD Edwin Parr Nominee

Karen Reimer from Burdett School chosen as the PRSD Edwin Parr nominee

Burdett AB - A career in teaching may not have always been on Karen Reimer’s radar, but a passion for sport and learning led her to the area and eventually to teaching and the Edwin Parr nomination. 

The first year on the job is always a challenge, but working as a new teacher in a school with a predominantly Low German speaking student population can test even the most skilled professional.  The Edwin Parr award recognizes first year teachers who demonstrate excellence, ingenuity and passion for their profession.

In 2003, Karen left home (BC) to play basketball and attend school at Lethbridge College where she met her husband, a farmer from the Burdett area.  Karen’s first encounter with education happened shortly after that, when she was hired as an Educational Assistant at Burdett School.   She says the school staff always expressed how good she was with the kids and should consider a career in teaching.  Six years later, she made that decision to go back to school and get her Education degree.

“It’s been a challenge, but also really rewarding,” says Reimer. “I had initially wanted to work in veterinarian medicine.  However, working in the school as an EA was such a rewarding experience.  It was then that I realized that teaching kids was something I wanted to pursue as a career.”

“She is just a really dedicated, extremely organized person, who works very hard at making learning hands on and differentiated,” says Principal Laurie Cooper.  “Our school population is very unique.  We have a lot of children without strong language skills and Karen works really hard at making sure they meet the requirements necessary to be successful.”

Reimer’s teaching portfolio includes Science, Physical Education, Health and CTF.  She also coaches the school basketball team.  While she admits it can be overwhelming at times, she credits the students for keeping her balanced. 

“I try to teach my students a growth mindset.  I always say, it is ok that you made that mistake, but how are you going to make it better?  My students push me to do the same thing.  You are not going to do everything right the first time, or even the second time.  You are going to make mistakes and you are going to have to be ok with that.  You’re always on a path of growth and as long as you’re moving forward, then you have the right perspective.”

The Prairie Rose Board would like to congratulate Karen Reimer on her nomination and wish her success at the Zone 6 competition. The zone winner will be announced at the ASBA Zone 6 Awards Banquet on May 15, 2019.