Board Meeting Highlights - April 2019

Board Meeting Highlights - April 2019

1.  Acting Principal Kirby Stensrud shared an overview of Jenner School along with some successes from the past year.  Highlights of her report include moving PE class to the start of each day (as kids have long bus rides to school), the addition of drumming lessons, and grade structure changes to accommodate the multi-graded teaching accompaniment.  Goals for the school focus around literacy understanding and reading with an emphasis on student enjoyment.  It was shared that the students also participate in a number of activities throughout the year that focus on giving back.

2.  Trustees approved the transfer of grade 9 programming from Oyen Public School to South Central High School, effective the 2019-20 school year.  The decision follows several meetings with the Oyen community over the past three months.  During the consultation process, parents indicated support for exploring cost-effective solutions that allow the school division to share staff talents and skills in the Oyen area.  This step is the first the board will be taking towards ensuring a sustainable and long-term education plan for our Oyen community.

3.  Effective September 2019, Prairie Rose School Division will no longer be handling transportation services for Christ the Redeemer Catholic Schools to their school in Oyen.  Prairie Rose will continue to bus Assumption students through until the end of June.

4.  Trustees passed a motion to clarify bussing from the New Brigden attendance area.  All students living in the New Brigden attendance area will only be eligible for bussing to New Bridgen School, unless approved to receive busing to OPS through a previous board motion (2016-055).

5.  The board voted to uphold a previous board motion to not add grade 6 to New Brigden School.  The school currently has 14 students in kindergarten to grade 5.

6.  The board voted down a request to review the current Ralston/Redcliff attendance area boundary.

7.  Secretary Treasurer Ryan Boser presented the 2nd Quarter Financial Report to the board for information.  The division is now forecasting an overall deficit of $58,482 for the current school year, down from fall projections of $99,610.