June 11, 2019 Board Meeting Highlights

June 11, 2019 Board Meeting Highlights

1. Seven Persons School Principal Sherry Rissling and Vice-Principal Joanne MacQuarrie provided an overview of the work happening under the Deeper Learning goal of the Seven Persons School Plan.  Highlights of the report include; giving teachers autonomy to choose strategies that work for their classrooms, the implementation of staff and student protocols to structure professional conversations, and the integration of technology into classroom learning.  Examples of the work being done in coordination with Deeper Learning strategies include praise/question/suggestion (PQS), chalk talk (song lyrics), self-reflection, and jigsaw.

2.  The board approved the 2019/2020 Fee Schedule.  Changes to the schedule (compared to the previous year) include reduced transportation fees (due to move of RMAP to the Hat), increased school fieldtrip fees, and increased ECS fees due to the addition of full-day kindergarten at many PRSD schools.  Total fees for the 2019-2020 year amount to $569,000 compared to $505,000 for the 2018-2019 school year.  It was also shared that policy A303 School Fees was updated to defer the responsibility of waiving school fees to the Secretary Treasurer.

3.  The board approved the name, Prairie Mennonite Alternative School, for the new RMAP School that will be opening in Medicine Hat at the old Medicine Hat Catholic St. Thomas d’Aquin School location in September.  The board also approved the name Baker Colony School for a new colony school opening in the fall.

4.  The board was provided an overview of the Eagle Butte High School fieldtrip to Greece that took place this past spring.  The trip was a 10-day tour of two cities and five islands. 54 students and parents participated in the trip.  Some notable stops on the tour included the Olympic Stadium, Grotto of John and the Minoan Museum.

5.  The board approved the 2019-2020 Preliminary Budget.  Secretary Treasurer Ryan Boser noted that as no budget information will be released by the government until the fall, the preliminary budget has been created based on current funding levels and assumptions.  Highlights include a decrease of 18.5 FTE students, spending of $5,153,374 in Transportation (projected surplus of $31,488), expenditures of $7,137,217 (projected deficit of $212,886) in Plant Operations and Maintenance, spending of $2.2 million in Board Governance/System and Administration costs($304,000 below the allowable spending amount), and Instructional spending of $37,489,860 (deficit of $13,871).  Overall, the division is projecting a deficit budget for the 2019-2020 year of $190,945.

6.  The spring Accountability Pillar was shared with the board as information.  In the 10 soft survey measure categories (safe and caring schools, student learning opportunities, preparation for lifelong learning, parental involvement and continuous improvement), the division achieved results of high or very high.  The remaining instructional categories won’t be released until the fall.

7.  Health and Safety Coordinator Derek Beck presented the OH&S Accountability Report to the board for information.  Work completed during the 2018-19 year included fire inspections, colony/public school inspections, electronic student/staff injury monitoring and reporting, and Hour Zero administration. Future Occupational Health and Safety challenges include working to get all OH&S in line with new provincial legislation (OH&S Committee), improved electronic reporting, training development, and managing incidents/accidents and disability management.