Nov 26 - Board Meeting Highlights

Nov 26 - Board Meeting Highlights

1.  The board approved new governance policy GP#22 Advocacy Committee.  The policy outlines the work trustees will do to advocate for supplies and services they deem necessary for a well-rounded and high-quality educational program for students.  Three trustees will serve on the committee.

2.  Presentation of the Three-Year Education Plan and Annual Education Results Report was postponed until the January meeting.  The government moved back the date for approval due to the delayed budget announcement and release of result data.

3.  The board approved changes to policy EL#10 School Closure / Transfer of Students to add requirements pertaining to the transfer of students and re-configuration of grades at one or more schools.  Updates also include changes as required in the new Education Act.

4.  The board passed a notice of motion to continue the consultation process with the community of Oyen regarding any future grade configuration changes.  The next step will involve a meeting with the community to discuss results from a recent survey and possible options for trustees to consider at both Oyen Public and South Central High schools.

5.  Prairie Rose will reach out to both local Medicine Hat school boards and Grasslands School Division to inquire about the level of interest for a coordinated meeting with MLA’s Drew Barnes (Cypress/Medicine Hat), Michaela Glasgo (Brooks/Medicine Hat), Nate Horner (Drumheller/Stettler) and Grant Hunter (Taber/Warner).  Possible suggested dates for the meeting include January 28, 2020 and February 11, 2020.

6.  The 2018-2019 Audited Financial Statements were presented for approval.  Revenues for the division came in $10,500 more than anticipated, while expenditures were $408,850 less than forecast.  The overall surplus for the year came in at $395,961.  Reasons for the surplus include reduced spending of $140,000 in system administration and board governance and schools not spending budgeted school reserve amounts.  The board had initially budgeted a deficit of $23,375 in the 2018-2019 Preliminary Budget.  Overall the division was presented with a clean audit from Avail LLP Accountants. 

7.  The board approved the 2019-2020 Revised Budget.  Compared to spring projections of a $190,945 overall deficit, the division is now forecasting increased spending of $1.1-million for the current year due to the re-allocation of grant funding by government, and a 240% insurance premium increase by ASBIE (Alberta School Boards’ Insurance Exchange).  The board plans cover the anticipated deficit through reserves.  Total projected deficit is $1,298,518.

8.  The board formally approved a fee increase for BATUS students at Ralston School to $85/per student per term for the current year and $100/per student per term for the 2010-2021 year.

9.  New locally approved courses were approved by the board for the new DR Flight Academy.  The courses consist of three aviation flight modules, two aviation structure modules and one aeronautical design module; totaling 20 high school credits.

10.  Other meeting notes:

  • The board approved the following revised bylaw policies in accordance with the new Education Act:
    1. GP#2 Board Roles and Responsibilities
    2. GP#2.1 Role of the Trustee
    3. GP#4 Trustee Code of Conduct
    4. GP#4 Appendix – Trustee Code of Conduct Sanctions