Board Highlights - February 11, 2020

Board Highlights - February 11, 2020

1.  With the assistance of principal Angela Boyes, four students from Oyen Public School shared their thoughts and personal experiences of attending school at OPS over video conferencing with trustees.  The students spoke about issues and subjects they are passionate about including CTF week, flexible learning, sharing and support, sports participation, the school orientation process, the transition of students from other schools, and student feedback regarding the recent conversations in Oyen around grade configuration changes.

2.  Principal Catherine Usher from IF Cox School along with grade two students Tala and Koda presented information regarding the school’s Celebration of Learning.  The celebration highlights high quality work for authentic audiences to drive student motivation and deeper learning.  All students in IF Cox School were required to present their learning to parents and community members as part of the process.  Tala and Koda shared their presentation on how to stop plastics from getting to the oceans to the board as an example.  The next Celebration of Learning will take place on March 17th from 3:30 pm – 6:00 pm.

3.  Assistant Superintendent Reagan Weeks presented the Deeper Learning Report for information.  It was shared that the division is undertaking a motivation study project, based on self-determination theory. The study will focus primarily on the students in the academy programs to see how motivation changes (controlled motivation, autonomous motivation, etc.) as students begin to achieve mastery in an area of learning.  The division has hired a statistics consultant to run the study and present the findings.

4.  Teacher and coach Darren MacMillan provided an update on the South Alberta Hockey Academy program.  Highlights of the presentation included student athlete successes, new coaching staff, spring and summer hockey camps, parent communication tools, and accommodation of academy growth and expansion.  Currently, 93 students are registered with 5 academies at 7 school locations.

5.  Other meeting notes:

  • Policy EL#16: The board approved changes to EL#16 Disposition of Property as presented to align with the new Educations Act.
  • Land Sale: The board approved the sale of a two-acre parcel of land southeast of Bow Island for residential use.  The land was transferred to Prairie Rose as part of amalgamation in 1994 from the former County of 40 Mile.
  • The board voted to approve the negotiation of busing services with Christ the Redeemer School Division for the transportation of students in the Oyen attendance areas to Assumption School.