Board Highlights - March 10, 2020

Board Highlights - March 10, 2020

1.  The board was debriefed on the current public health situation pertaining to the Corona Virus (COVID-19).  Communication has been prepared for both staff and families and will be sent out this week.  The full letter to parents can be found here: (  Additionally, Superintendent Roger Clarke shared that Prairie Rose has a pandemic plan to deal with any local instances, should it be necessary.  The school jurisdiction will be taking direction from Alberta Health Services and the Chief Medical Officer of Health.  The College of Alberta School Superintendents (CASS) has also asked the Medical Officer to provide school systems direction for managing the virus, should it enter the school system.

  • The board voted to cancel the previously approved Eagle Butte High School trip to Greece from April 9, 2020 to April 18, 2020.  Parents and the school will be notified of the decision and encouraged to access their trip insurance to recover costs incurred from the cancellation.

2.  Four students from Prairie Mennonite Alternative School along with principal Tracy Frank shared an overview of their first year in the new school.  The school moved from the old RMAP (Redcliff Mennonite Alternative Program) building in September 2019.  The grade 9 students shared a video about their school that they shot and edited themselves.  As part of the video, the students interviewed other students to find out what they liked the most about their new school.  Top responses included bigger gym, huge playground, new videoconferencing equipment, bigger bathrooms, library and dedicated German classroom.  The junior high students thanked the board for their new school and spoke about how they plan to learn and eventually graduate in the new school.

3.  Eagle Butte teacher Jimi Ricci with the Dave Rozdeba Flight Academy provided an update on the first year of the program.  Highlights of the presentation included an overview of the partnership with Super T Aviation, course curriculum, ground school, outdoor survival, and the construction of a plane by the students. Currently, 11 students are registered with the academy.  The academy has a capacity of 15 students per each grade level for a maximum of 45.  It’s estimated that over the next 20 years the aviation industry will be looking for 2.2 million employees to fill demand.

4.  Director of Inclusion Service Camille Quinton provided the Inclusive Education Director Report for information.  Highlights of the report included an overview of specialized supports being used in Prairie Rose and how supports are being allocated in schools to meet diverse student needs, access to EA and Inclusive Learning Teacher (ILT) support to address student needs, and a revision to the Coordinator of Student Services role to provide additional support to classroom and ILT teachers.  It was also noted that Prairie Rose Early Learning EYE results saw significant growth compared to the 2018-19 year, with the highest area of growth was in cognitive skills where the results improved by 15% by May 2019.

5.  Director of Technology Services Wayne Rossler provided the Technology Accountability Report for information.  Current projects being undertaken by the technology department include the digitization of student records (a mandate from Alberta Education), an upgrade of Polycom videoconferencing equipment, the installation of Windows 10 across the division, the transition from Shaw to Cybera for internet services, and upgrading secretary computers in 13 Prairie Rose schools.

6.  Other Items:

  • The board voted to approve the grade reconfiguration of Oyen Public School (effective Sept 2020) from a grade K-8 school to a K-6 school.  The grade 7 and 8 students will be transferred to South Central High School in the fall.  South Central High School is currently a grade 9-12 school.