June 9, 2020 PRSD Public Board Meeting

June 9, 2020 PRSD Public Board Meeting

To comply with restrictions around public gatherings due to the COVID-19 pandemic, the June 9th Prairie Rose School Division public board meeting was streamed live at 12:45 PM on June 9, 2020. 

The agenda for the public meeting can be found here: https://drive.google.com/open?id=1m1e4j3EO-9TurLYtmjSwQiRvR66cJFa6

1. OH&S Report: Health and Safety Coordinator Derek Beck provided the 2019-2020 Health and Safety Accountability Report for information. Highlights of the report include an update on the AHS ARTSSN health data sharing system, school safety inspections, the implementation of a district-wide health and safety committee (as is required under new legislation), student and staff incident reporting, and staff training. It was shared that work will continue throughout the summer in consideration of three possible scenarios for school in the fall (school as normal, school with restrictions, at home online learning) due to COVID-19. This information will be shared with families starting the end of June and updated throughout the summer based on the direction from the Chief Medical Officer of Health.

2. Sept 2019 – May 2020 Financial Report: Assistant Secretary Treasurer Candice Hintz provided the quarterly financial update for the 2019-2020 school year. Highlights of the report include reduced revenues of $1,196,000 from Alberta Education (spring 2020) due to classes being moved online, and the reimbursement of school fees to parents due to COVID-19. Overall, the financial projection for the 2019-2020 school year is a deficit of $792,917.99. The list of projects being conducted over the summer as part of Capital Maintenance and Renewal Stimulus funding was also provided as information. These projects include irrigation replacement at Parkside Junior High School, phase three of the Foremost School exterior, South Central High School furnace replacement, and roof replacement at Prairie Mennonite Alternative School. It was also noted that any remaining funds from the one-million dollar allocation has been approved to go towards the replacement of the track and field at Eagle Butte High School, which was torn up as part of a septic field replacement project.

3. Accountability Pillar Overall Summary: Superintendent Roger Clarke shared that Prairie Rose School Division scored very high (good and excellence standard) in all soft survey accountability measures including safe and caring schools, student learning opportunities, preparation for life-long learning, parental involvement and continuous improvement. It was noted that there was some decline in the category of diploma examination participation rates, but that number is subject to the number of students who take 30 level diploma courses.  Students and staff were congratulated for the strong results. The full Accountability Pillar results can be found in the Board Meeting Agenda package.

4. Schuler Playground: Secretary Treasurer Ryan Boser announced that after years of advocacy, the provincial government has provided funding for the playground at Schuler School.  As part of the construction of the new Schuler School facility a few years ago, the playground needed to be taken down to accommodate the new build, but no funding was provided to replace it. The community has been fundraising to replace the playground and this announcement will assist with completion of the playground project.

5. Seven Persons Game of Life Presentation: Seven Persons School staff and students provided an overview of a learning project called the Game of Life that junior high students participated in this past winter. The project was aimed at getting students thinking about their futures and how to apply their subject learnings to real life situations. As part of the process, students were required to consider the financial requirements needed to achieve their future goals that included post-secondary, home mortgage, car loan, vacation, etc. One group of students provided their perspective on the learning process and what they took away from the experience.

6. Alberta Education Enrolment Audit Results: Secretary Treasurer Ryan Boser shared that Prairie Rose underwent a division-wide audit this past year and received a positive audit result by Alberta Education. Staff were thanked for their contribution and collaboration during the process and were commended for the positive result.

7. Other Reports:

  • Three-Year Literacy Report: Due to COVID-19, the final round of assessments were not able to be done this spring. The report will be deferred to next year.
  • Superintendent Work Plan: The board approved the Superintendent Work Plan for 2019-20 for Roger Clarke.
  • Alberta Rural Caucus Budget: The board approved $886 as their contribution in support of the continued work of the Alberta Rural Caucus (ARC). The ARC is made up of 42 rural school boards across the province.