Homeschooling and At-Home Learning Survey

Homeschooling and At-Home Learning Survey

Prairie Rose School Division is seeking input from parents who have chosen alternative K-12 schooling methods for their child(ren) instead of conventional in-person public schooling.
This includes those who are registered with Prairie Rose and those who have registered with other school authorities.

Alternative learning options in this survey are identified as:

  • Full-time at-home learning: The education program (online or paper) is developed, monitored and marked by a certificated teacher. The student is in regular contact with their designated teacher.
  • Shared responsibility homeschool program (formerly known as blended program): The student participates in a combination of subjects provided by their designated school and the remainder through a traditional homeschooling program chosen by the parent. Only subjects offered through the school are evaluated by a certificated teacher.
  • Full-time homeschooling: The student participates in a curriculum that is chosen and taught by the parent with minimal oversight or input from the designated school authority. 

The survey can be accessed here: Homeschooling and At-Home Learning Survey

The purpose of the study is to better understand parent motivations for choosing these alternative schooling options. The aim is that the school division can use the data to determine how to improve or expand programming needs for families living in southeast Alberta. This study is also being done in consultation and with oversight from the University of Alberta and will take approximately 10 minutes to complete.