Part 2: Continuing the Conversation (video now available)

Part 2: Continuing the Conversation (video now available)

On November 4th, Prairie Rose School Division psychologist Greg Godard and Medicine Hat Public School Division psychologist Claire Petersen hosted a fireside chat to answer questions from the public related to mental health to continue the conversation for Part 2: Connecting with School Communities about Suicide, Hope and Resilience in Southeast Alberta.

For those of you who were unable to make the live presentation, a video is now available online for you to watch at your convenience. It can be accessed here: Watch the Video

Background: As you are probably aware, there have been a series of deaths by suicide in the southeast region of Alberta that have impacted people in our communities and weigh heavy on those who are working to prevent further loss. Many of our children are burdened by these tragedies but not all are communicating openly about their concerns. Since our first session, school based psychology professionals and support teams have been working with families to answer important questions about the following themes:

  • Concerns related to pandemic/school-closures and reopening.
  • When are my child’s struggles serious enough to warrant the need for more help?
  • What are schools doing to address mental health and how do students access supports?
  • What community supports are available and how to access them?
  • How to have open conversations about suicide with your child/youth.
  • How do I help someone who isn’t ready for help?
  • Understanding the grief process.
  • Impact of social media on children/youth.
  • Building resilience in our children/youth.

Watch for more information coming from your school communities in the coming weeks, as we extend the conversation to our schools. Our intention for Part 3 is for school leaders and counsellors to engage with families, staff and students through small and intimate, in-person conversations at schools.