School Re-Entry - January 11, 2020

School Re-Entry - January 11, 2020

After much speculation, on Thursday afternoon the provincial government confirmed that all K-12 students (including JK students) will return to in-person instruction on Monday, January 11, 2021. This is welcome news as it provides stability for families and an opportunity for both students and staff to reconnect in-person following the Christmas break. 

With the return to Scenario 1 next week, I’d like to take a moment to remind everyone about the importance of monitoring for signs of illness before the start of each school day and to stay home when sick. Prairie Rose has a student illness guide to help you navigate this process and we encourage all parents to get reacquainted with the symptoms and testing requirements. The guide can be found here: Student Illness Guide. Additionally, we would like to remind parents that students will still be required to follow all the necessary health protocols that include hand sanitization and mask wearing procedures. Students are asked to come to school each day with a clean mask that they can wear in accordance with the public health guidelines.

For families who chose to travel out of the country over the Christmas break, there are very specific isolation requirements that must be met prior to returning to school. This also includes those who registered for the international pilot border program. As per the pilot testing restrictions, even those who were eligible for the rapid pilot testing program may not return to a school setting until they have completed their second test and have received a negative result.  Complete details regarding isolation and quarantine requirements for international travel can be found on the Alberta website: If you did travel and are following the isolation requirements, please contact your school principal or teacher so they can provide your child with learning materials to support their instruction until they are able to return to the classroom environment.

Finally,  I would also like to acknowledge our junior high students, high school students and school staff who were tasked with working from home since the beginning of December. Learning in isolation and away from your peers is not the same as being in a classroom and we are extremely proud of everyone’s efforts to stay connected and engaged during this time. Being committed to learning, even when faced with unique challenges, is an important life skill. On Monday classes will continue as planned along with final exams that are scheduled later this month. While provincial exceptions have been made for diploma testing, all other examinations will occur. If you have any questions, please feel free to contact your school principal or teacher.

2021 may be in a new year, but the challenges surrounding COVID-19 continue. We remain committed to working with our families as we navigate each new turn. Your continued cooperation is greatly appreciated.

Roger Clarke
Superintendent, Prairie Rose Public Schools