Exam Update - Grades 10-12

Exam Update - Grades 10-12

As school gets back into routine with the return of in-person classes for grades 7-12, some parents have expressed concern with the anxiousness their children are feeling related to upcoming exams. As was communicated in my re-entry letter to families on January 8, 2020, Prairie Rose will be moving forward with testing and assessment as scheduled at the end of the first semester. It is my belief that participation in the test writing process can be of great value to students and an integral part of their high school experience. However, it is also important to acknowledge that the transition to at-home learning impacted some individuals differently than it did others.

After meeting with all our high school principals, it has been decided that exams will move forward as scheduled, however no student will drop more than 3% in their final class mark from a negative test outcome. This will allow students the opportunity to improve and excel in a course and participate in the assessment process, while still taking into consideration the challenges experienced in the learning at-home environment. All assessments will be created by Prairie Rose teachers and include curriculum that was covered in the course. If a teacher was not able to get to a certain topic that would generally be covered in a subject, that material would not appear on the final exam.

This decision applies only to exams for the completion of Semester 1. If further disruption occurs in the 2020-2021 school year (i.e.: students move back to learning from home) we will review this decision, otherwise all exams scheduled in June will continue as normal.

We’d like to thank our parents and students for your support and dedication to learning through this uncertain time. Learning during a pandemic does not come without its challenges and we are committed to working with you as we make decisions that support student success. If you have any questions, please contact your school principal.

Roger Clarke
Superintendent, Prairie Rose Public Schools