March 9, 2021 - Board Meeting Highlights

March 9, 2021 - Board Meeting Highlights

Warren Peers School Presentation
School principal Lora Fletcher-Wilson shared a presentation highlighting goals and learning opportunities for students at Warren Peers School in Acadia Valley. An overview of curriculum implementation across the subject areas was provided, including examples of hands on student learning experiences. Despite the challenges of COVID-19, the school has found a number of creative opportunities to bring field trips and fun learning experiences to students while adhering to the public health guidelines.  A unique project the student are involved in is A Kid’s Guide to Canada, where students are developing content, interesting facts and conducting interviews with members of the Acadia Valley community as they construct a “Breakout” learning puzzle for other students to solve.

Colony Calendar
Assistant Superintendent Kal Koch presented the 2021-2022 Hutterite Colony School Calendar for approval. The calendar is similar to the public school calendar, with the exception of some SI Days to accommodate religious/cultural holidays.

South Alberta Flight Academy
Teacher and academy instructor Jimi Ricci provided an overview of the DR Flight Academy Program, based out of Eagle Butte High School and spoke briefly about the future of flight and pilot demand in the aviation industry. An overview of how credits are earned through the program and the unique learning opportunities students get to participate in as part of the academy was shared. Two students, Sam and Lindsay, spoke about their experience and answered questions from the board.

Annual Technology Report
Manger of IT Services Wayne Rossler provided a technology update to the board for information. In terms of student devices, it was noted there has been a decrease in personal devices being used at school due to the division’s decision to purchase and lease Chromebooks to all students in grades 4-12. The leasing of Chromebooks has also resulted in some additional costs due to licensing fees and the installation of security filtering on all Chromebooks, even when the devices are outside the school division’s domain.  The technology department has also taken on the role of moving all student records online and into the PASI government system. To date, all previous documents have been moved and planning is underway to move new documents up on a consistent basis. Future projects for the technology department include moving the firewall from division office to Cybera, server operating system upgrades, a review of software programs to streamline services and eliminate redundancies, and a review of the evergreening plan to bring it up to date with current needs, such as accommodating Chromebook replacements.

Capital Plan
Manager of Maintenance Operations Darrell Drefs presented the Prairie Rose Public Schools 2022- 2025 Capital Plan for information and approval.  The plan outlines Prairie Rose’s top maintenance and facility priorities for the next three years.  Number one on the plan is a new or modernized school to replace the aging Burdett School. A value management assessment is currently underway for that project and the board is awaiting a final report.  The second item on the plan is the Redcliff solution that would see a new middle school being built in Redcliff and the modernization of Parkside Junior High School.  The third option is a value scoping study of the Oyen area schools (OPS and SCHS) to determine if two schools, or a new/modernized school to accommodate all students should be considered. The final item on the plan is a value scoping study of Foremost School. The board voted to approve the 2022-2025 Capital Plan as presented.

PRPS Educational Priorities
The board approved the continuation of the Prairie Rose goals of literacy and deeper learning for the 2021-2022 school year. The division will undergo consultations next year for learning priorities going beyond that timeline.

Diploma Exam Report
Deputy Superintendent Reagan Weeks explained that due to COVID-19 there is no diploma exam data to report.