Prairie Rose: K-6 Draft Curriculum Response

Prairie Rose: K-6 Draft Curriculum Response

During the Easter break, the provincial government unveiled their new draft K-6 curriculum to the public for feedback. Since then, many school divisions across the province have actively spoken out against content in the curriculum and taking part in the pilot, which is scheduled to take place next year. We know many parents and families are wondering if Prairie Rose will take the same position as other boards. 

As educators, it is important we fully understand the Alberta Government’s plan for rolling out the pilot before making any promise or commitments to our families. To date, the current mandate of the government has been to make it voluntary for school divisions to participate. However, we must also acknowledge that the provincial government also has the authority to change this proposed mandate at any time. Keeping this in mind, there are many ways the government may choose to roll out the pilot, which could include any or none of the following:

  • Boards will have the option to participate in the pilot across the entire school division or in particular classes / schools.
  • Individual teachers may have the option of opting in to the pilot.
  • School divisions may be able to choose sections of the curriculum to pilot.

Based on how the government chooses to move forward, there may be very little authority at the school division level to make these decisions. As such, it seems irresponsible and unfair to families to take a position regarding the pilot before having this information. We need to know more.

Still, we feel it is important to be part of the solution. There are many aspects of the draft curriculum our educators find concerning and require further investigation. Here are measures we will be taking in Prairie Rose to ensure our voices and student interests are met:

  • Prairie Rose is establishing four teacher committees to work through all the core areas of the draft curriculum. Teachers will be asked to volunteer to be part of these committees which will be led by our instructional coaches. We hold the professional judgement of Prairie Rose teachers in the highest regard and value their input. 
  • The intent of the committees is to evaluate all aspects of each curriculum including content, implementation, assessment, age appropriateness and learned competencies. 
  • The feedback will be shared with the board and executive staff for review and further evaluation. This information will guide the actions and position of Prairie Rose related to pilot participation.
  • Prairie Rose will make a submission to Alberta Education along with suggestions for improvement.

To be clear, our efforts should not be taken as a show of support for the new curriculum. Like many other boards across the province we also have concerns and criticisms. However, we believe an approach that is constructive and allows our voices to be heard can lead to more effective change.

We would also like to emphasize that school boards do not make curriculum. Curriculum is created by Alberta Education with feedback from stakeholder groups. As parents, you may choose to participate in the feedback process. If you have concerns or feedback about the draft curriculum it is important you share it as part of this process. You can do so by clicking on the link provided:


Roger Clarke
Superintendent of Schools